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Our Story

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The first Zagin Soba debuted in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, in 2017, and since then it has been recognized as one of the city's best ramen restaurants by several publications and online communities, including Tatler, HK01, and the Ramen Group on Facebook.

In 2020, we took matters into our own hands and established trading firms in both Japan and Hong Kong, which has helped to ensure a steady supply of high-quality food. We rely on our Japanese staff to not only handle all of our procurement work in Japan, but also to keep us apprised of all the newest trends and insights in the Japanese restaurant industry.

Year 2020 was a huge success. We maintained our forward momentum by introducing "Maru de Sankaku," another popular Japanese ramen brand with a fish soup base, to Central, Hong Kong.

It gained popularity quickly and is now considered a top ramen spot in Hong Kong. It was also ranked second in Tatler's choice.

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Sumiya - a branded Unagi restaurant in Central, Hong Kong was launched in 2020.

We became well-known as a top unagi (charcoal grill) restaurant in Hong Kong in a blink of an eye.

When eel is cooked to order over premium charcoal, it releases a heady scent that permeates the entire house. The Unaju is Sumiya's most famous dish (grilled eel with rice). ​

Our Kappo Sushi restaurant "Awaji" launched in 2021, and our Chef uses only the finest ingredients imported from Japan each day. Our head chef, Eto Kazuhiro, has more than 40 years of expertise in Japanese cuisine. 

Literally meaning "to chop and cook," Kappo is a chef-curated multi-course, multi-sensory feast that emphasizes the proximity of the chef and his guests above strict protocol. For a dinner to be considered kappo, the chef must be well-versed in a variety of cooking techniques, possess an intimate familiarity with the seasonality and quality of ingredients, place an emphasis on presentation, and meticulously arrange the courses.

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In 2022, the new sportlight of our ramen is NEXT Shikaku, another very popular brand from Japan in continuation of Maru De Sankaku. 


The soup base of NEXT Shikaku is Oyster.


Upon May 2022 grand opening, it become the hottest talk in ramen media and long queue in front of the shop everyday. 

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